Best Animal Cafes in Harajuku Guide & Reservation

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Harajuku, as one of Tokyo's most popular touristic areas, offers many different Animal Cafes.
This page gives details regarding what they include. Also, reservations for each of these are possible here, easy and uncomplicated.

Owl Cafe
Owl Cafe
Cat Cafe
Cat Cafe
Hedgehog Cafe
Hedgehog Cafe
Otter,Chinchilla Cafe
Otter,Chinchilla Cafe
Snake Cafe
Snake Cafe
Bunny Cafe
Bunny Cafe
Animal Cafe MAP
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Animal Cafe

Owl Cafe & Hedgehog Cafe

Adult : JPY 3,100JPY 2,700
Child (6-12 YRS) : JPY 2,000
Infant (1-5 YRS) : JPY 1,200

Meet & Fall In Love with cuteness of these little owls and hedgehogs in two most popular animal cafes in Harajuku with just 1 PASS!! It is 10% cheaper than the normal price. In addition, even if there is a row of waiting line, just have this passport, you will able to exclusively entering as a Fast Pass.
This is such a the ticket you must have when come visiting Tokyo!

Playing with many cute animals

Normal Plan
Adult (+15 YRS) : JPY 1,650
Child (4-14 YRS) : JPY 1,350
Infant (Under 3 YRS) : JPY 0

Feeding Plan
Adult (+15 YRS) : JPY 1,950
Child (4-14 YRS) : JPY 1,650
Infant (Under 3 YRS) : JPY 0

You might have seen them in the wild, or in the zoo. But have you ever seen them up close? In Japan you have the unique chance to spend time with animals in certain café's, but even within Japan it is rare to have stores with hedgehogs, chinchillas and otters!! If you look at their big eyes, let them sit on your lap and hold their little paws your heart will melt away.

Enjoy with Hedgehogs!

Adult / Child (Age+1) : JPY 1,700

The newest trend in Harajuku; Japan's first dedicated Hedgehog Cafe "Harry"!This is home to more than 20 ultra-adorable hedgehogs that become your friends.Try to gently feel the softness of Hedgehog. Lovely eyes, little hands and legs, fluffy stomach... but tingly back!Adorable Hedgehog is waiting for you and welcome you! Come enjoy this #OnlyInJapan experience!

1min walk from the Harajuku Sta.

Normal Plan 1 hr stay/ 1 Drink
Adult : JPY 1,500
Child(6-12 YRS) : JPY 800

Falconry Plan 1 hr stay/ 1 Drink/ Falconry experience
Adult : JPY 2,000
Child(6-12 YRS) : JPY 1,300

Fall in love with cuteness of these little owls inside lovely cafe at Harajuku. Owl's garden is new paradise for owls and birds lover who want to interact with them closely.
You can enjoy playing with your favorite owls in the large space of cafe, decorating with a very lovely garden theme with a beverage corner prepared for you.
Moreover there are special activities like Falconry Experience (experience the owl or falcon's flight to land on your arm/ walking show of the owls which you can do it only at "Owl's Garden"!!

Animal Cafe

1min walk from the Harajuku Sta.

(1drink and 1 small souvenir)
: JPY 1,700

(1snack, 1drink and 2small souvenir)
: JPY 2,000

The newest trend in Tokyo: Owl Cafes! Get up close with some adorable, real live owls! They’re very used to people and are very calm and friendly. You will have a chance to pet them and take pictures with them. The location is just a 1 minute walk from the JR Harajuku Station, Takeshidadori Exit! What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy this #OnlyInJapan experience! This plan includes one drink and one small souvenir.

Enjoy playing with Cuty Cat!

Normal Plan /Adult (Age+13)
: JPY 1,200

Cat Treat Plan /Adult (Age+13)
: JPY 1,700

Visit a stylish cat cafe in Tokyo with our discount ticket! Enjoy 40 min tea time with adorable cats. The concept of the MoCha brand cat cafe is to provide a serene, calming space to anyone who visits. A must-see for cat-lovers-- and even if you're not, by the time you leave, you will be super popular among the kitties! This cafe hosts many cats both long and short hair (all very soft regardless). Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere while playing with cats, you wouldn’t want to say goodbye.


(Above 3years old) : JPY 1,500

Come on over to The Tokyo Snake Center in Harajuku and enjoy some quality, unconventional coffee time surrounded by animals you definitely wouldn’t encounter on a regular basis! This plan provides you with a full hour at the cafe, one free soft drink of your choice, and some close-up interaction time with our no-legged friends.

Enjoy with rabbits!

Adult : JPY 1,000
Junnior (6-12 Years) : JPY 900
Child(2-6 Years) : JPY 600

Welcome to Ra.a.g.f Bunny Cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo! Spend some refreshing time enjoying a soft drink and free treats to bribe the bunnies with! There are more than 20 types of cute bunnies. Come and meet our furry family!

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