Korea Seoul / Pusan 21,000JPY~ Details
Taiwan Taipei / Kaohsiung / Taichung 32,000JPY~ Details
Hong Kong Hong Kong / Macau 28,000JPY~ Details

Hawaii / Micronesia / Oceania

Australia Sydney / Brisbane / Cainrs / Perth 53,000JPY~ Details
New Zealand Auckland / Christchurch 60,000JPY~ Details

Europe / Middle East

United Kingdom London / Manchester 53,000JPY~ Details
Germany Frankfurt / Dusselforf 53,000JPY~ Details
France Paris 53,000JPY~ Details
Italy Rome / Milan 53,000JPY~ Details


1. Please note that the following charges / taxes will be added besides the airfare shown on this website.
(1) Airline's Insurance surcharge and Fuel surcharge.
(2) Narita/Haneda/Kansai/Chubu/Fukuoka/Naha airport facility charge.
(3) Local airport tax/security fee of your destination (if applicable).
2. The amount of each charge / tax may vary depending on the airlines and destination.
For grand total, please ask us.