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Will Blunderfield氏 沖縄ヨガリトリートツアー3日間
旅行代金 (大人お一人様 / 3、4名1室利用(相部屋) )
2013年3月22日(金)東京発 122,000円

Come with Will on a transformational yoga adventure retreat to Okinawa, Japan where the ocean meets the sun. Okinawa is a world-class vacation and nature spot where the power of the warm, clear healing ocean provides the soundtrack to a one-of-a-kind yoga retreat with Canadian yogi and international recording artist Will Blunderfield. Enjoy the magic of each day with optional activities ranging from mantra music workshops, transformational yoga, sunset meditation & a rockin' musical performance to exploring some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world! Whether you are an experienced yogi, have always wanted to try yoga, or just want to go deeper into your yoga practice, get ready for an empowering and rejuvenating experience of healing relaxation, yoga and music that will bring greater passion and purpose to your life in 2013 and beyond!


Will Blunderfield is a yogi and award-winning musician whose album HALLELUJAH has debuted at #1 on the iTunes World Chart. Will is signed to Nettwerk/Nutone Records (Sarah McLachlan, Krishna Das). Described as “a medicine man with the voice of an angel” by New York Times bestselling author Dr. Christiane Northrup, Will has garnered an international following from his music and teachings. He was recently voted one of Vancouver’s best yoga teachers by BC Living and has been featured in numerous yoga and spiritually based media including Yoga Journal, Yoga Journal Japan, the Canadian Press, Yoga International & on Hay House Radio alongside teachers from The Secret. Will’s intention is to bring joy to millions. His classes are an experiential explosion of music, sweat, and stillness that will leave you inspired and overflowing with bliss.
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羽田発(08:30) →那覇着(11:30)
15:00〜17:00 Sunset Meditation
19:00〜21:00 Mantra Music Workshop

[ 沖縄サンマリーナホテル泊 ]
6:00〜7:00 Morning Meditation and Hatha
10:00〜12:00 Aqua Yoga and Beach Activity
14:00〜16:00 Power Yoga
18:00〜20:00 Glee Yoga Workshop
20:00〜21:00 Good Night Meditation

[ 沖縄サンマリーナホテル泊 ]
6:00〜 7:00 Morning Meditation and Hatha
9:00〜11:00 Beach Yoga
12:30〜14:00 Power Yoga/Closing Celebration

那覇発(17:25) →羽田着(19:35)
発着地 東京(羽田空港)
利用予定ホテル [ 沖縄 ]サンマリーナホテル(2〜4名様相部屋)
食事 朝2回、昼0回、夕0回
添乗員 同行しません。 現地にてWill様ご本人が同行します。
最少催行人員 15名
延泊 不可
募集締切り 2013年2月28日(水)
持ち物 ヨガマット


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