Gourmet tour to Japan | Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto/Hokkaido

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Enjoy a trip to eat delicious gourmet food from all over Japan!
Here are some Japanese gourmet tours that will satisfy both your stomach and your soul.

Gourmet Tour Japan

A gourmet tour of Japan that will satisfy both your heart and stomach.

Tokyo Gourmet Tour

Tokyo Gourmet Tour

In Japan's capital, Tokyo, you will find a wide range of restaurants where you can enjoy gourmet food from Japan and around the world.
The variety is not limited to taste, but also includes restaurants with beautiful night views, sophisticated fine dining, Japanese restaurants offering traditional Japanese flavours, cosy and stylish caf├ęs and more.
Why not enjoy a meal on your trip to Tokyo and have a wonderful time that you will always remember?


Osaka Gourmet Tour

Awa Dance Festival

Osaka is a gourmet town that has long supported the culinary culture of western Japan as the "Kitchen of Japan". As the central city of western Japan, Osaka has long nurtured a unique food culture.
There are many local food dishes such as okonomiyaki, takoyaki, yakisoba and kushikatsu that you must try when you come to Osaka, and no trip to Osaka is complete without satisfying your hunger.
The passionate and cheerful atmosphere of Osaka is different from that of Tokyo, and you will discover a new face of Japan on a culinary journey in this atmosphere.


Kyoto Gourmet Tour

Kyoto Gourmet

Kyoto, the ancient capital with a history of 1,000 years. The city of Kyoto, steeped in Japanese tradition, is home to many Japanese restaurants with a long history.
Why not discover traditional Japanese culture through Kyoto cuisine, which makes use of carefully selected seasonal ingredients, in a restaurant with the elegant atmosphere typical of Kyoto?
The Maiko Dinner, where you can spend an enjoyable meal with your favourite maiko, is another luxury activity that you must experience when you visit Kyoto.


Nagoya Gourmet Tour

Nagoya Gourmet Tour

Nagoya, the central city of Japan's central area, is a popular tourist destination where the cultures of Japan's east and west intersect. There are many local delicacies that you must enjoy when you visit Nagoya, such as miso katsu and hitsu-mabushi.


Hiroshima Gourmet Tour

Hiroshima Gourmet Tour

In the Setouchi area, which has Japan's largest inland sea, the Seto Inland Sea, delicious seafood dishes from the rich fishing grounds and fruits grown in the warm climate are popular local delicacies.
In particular, Hiroshima, the central city of the Setouchi area, offers many local delicacies such as okonomiyaki and oyster dishes that you should definitely try when travelling here.


Kagoshima Gourmet Tour

Kagoshima Gourmet Tour

Kagoshima, located at the southernmost tip of the Kyushu area, has long flourished as a window to Asian trade and boasts a unique food culture not found in any other area of Japan.
As symbolised by the active volcano Sakurajima, Kagoshima's gourmet food is superb, made from Kagoshima ingredients nurtured by its powerful land and cheerful people. Tonkatsu and shabu-shabu made from Kagoshima's Kurobuta pork are particularly exquisite.
Also, Kagoshima's speciality, potato shochu, is a must-try drink when visiting Kagoshima.