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Discover Nikko

Come enjoy its beautiful nature and long history in this oasis two hours from the city.

Popular Tours of Nikko

Let's find your favorite Nikko!

Nikko is an undiscovered tourist spot where World Heritage sites full of history and magnificent nature coexist.
Let us help you find your own favorites in our tours filled with the charms of Nikko!

World Heritage Sites in Nikko (2 Shrines and 1 Temple)

Nikko is home to the World Heritage Sites of Nikko Toshogu Shrine,
Nikko-zan Rinnoji Temple, and Nikko Futaarasan Shrine.
All of the buildings are gorgeous, and their beauty will surely catch your eyes!

Seasons of Nikko

Explore the beauty of seasons in Nikko.

Spring in Nikko

When the trees begin to bud in May, Nikko welcomes the beautiful spring.
Just looking at the lush greenery, not to mention the beautiful cherry blossoms, is enough to give you energy.
Let's take a look at the beautiful spring in Nikko woven by nature.

  • Ryuzoji Temple (Rokushaku Wisteria)

    Beautiful purple wisteria can be seen at Ryuzo-ji Temple.
    The tree is 100 years old and is registered as a natural monument of Nikko.

    831-3 Osawa, Nikko, Tochigi 321-2341
    Ryuzoji Temple
  • Kegon Falls

    Famous as one of the three major waterfalls in Japan, Kegon Falls offers a dynamic natural energy as water flows down its 97-meter drop.

    2479-2 Chugushi, Nikko, Tochigi 321-1661
    Kegon Falls
  • Kinugawa Onsen Cherry Bloosom Festival

    Cherry blossom viewing in Nikko can be fully enjoyed at the Sakura Festival!
    Enjoy the path lined with cherry blossoms in full bloom, along with live performances and parades.

    Kinugawa Onsen Station Square, Sakura Namiki Street
    9:30-16:00 (Held annually in early April)
    Kinugawa Onsen Cherry Bloosom Festival

Summer in Nikko

Summer in Nikko is relatively cool, and the Oku-Nikko area is known as a summer resort.
The best part of summer in Nikko is the combination of greenery and colorful flowers!
Why not enjoy the beautiful nature in a cool summer resort?

  • Kirifurikogen Highlands (Day-Lily)

    Nikko day-lily, which are at their best in early summer, bloom yellow flowers all over the Kirifurikogen Highlands.
    You can easily enjoy a stroll along the hiking course.

    1531 Tokorono, Nikko, Tochigi 321-1421
    24 hours
    Kirifurikogen Highlands
  • Senjogahara (Trekking)

    The Senjogahara trekking course takes you to some of Oku-Nikko's most famous spots, connecting Ryuzu Falls to Lake Yunoko.

    Chugushi, Nikko, Tochigi 321-1661
    24 hours
  • Kinugawa Enka Fireworks Festival

    You can enjoy fireworks in a hot spring resort, Kinugawa!
    After enjoying a relaxing hot spring bath, why don't you feel Japanese summer
    with fireworks from your hotel?

    Kinugawa Onsen central area
    20:45- (Every Saturday from May through October)
    Kinugawa Fireworks Festival

Fall in Nikko

The best time to visit Nikko is in the fall when the leaves change color!
The spectacular view of colorful autumn leaves will surely take your breath away.
Enjoy the beauty of Nikko, which can only be seen once a year.

  • Irohazaka Winding Road

    It is also known as the most beautiful spot in Nikko for autumn leaves, and is a superb driving course.
    The view from the Akechidaira Observatory along the way is spectacular!

    Chugushi, Nikko, Tochigi 321-1661
    24 hours
    Irohazaka Winding Road
  • Ryuzu Falls

    A beautiful spot with a waterfall basin colored with autumn leaves.
    Vividly colored maple and linden trees surround the waterfall,
    which cascades down 210 meters.

    Chugushi, Nikko, Tochigi 321-1661
    24 hours
    Ryuzu Falls
  • Lighting-up Nikko

    An event to light up the World Heritage Sites standing in the autumn night.
    The illuminated World Heritage sites create a fantastic world different
    from that of the daytime.

    Sannai, Nikko, Tochigi 321-1431
    Nikko Toshogu Lighting-up

Winter in Nikko

In winter, you can enjoy a silvery snowy landscape of Nikko.
The World Heritage sites in Nikko also show us their beautiful appearance clothed in snow, which we cannot usually see.
Enjoy the winter world in Nikko that you cannot see in the city.

  • Lake Chuzenji

    Lake Chuzenji creates a fantastic world of silvery white in winter.
    You can enjoy the natural art of "splash ice," which is created when seasonal winds cause the lake's water to scatter and freeze on the surrounding trees.

    Chugushi, Nikko, Tochigi 321-1661
    24 hours
    Lake Chuzenji
  • Shinkyo Bridge

    Shinkyo Bridge in winter is highly worth seeing!
    You can enjoy the beautiful color contrast of pure white snow piled on the vermilion-colored Shinkyo Bridge.

    Kamihatsuishimachi, Nikko, Tochigi 321-1401
    Shinkyo Bridge
  • Yunishigawa Onsen Kamakura Snow House Festival

    Spend a magical evening in Nikko.
    About 800 miniature kamakura (snow houses) are lit by candles from inside.

    980 Yunishigawa, Nikko, Tochigi 321-2601
    Yunishigawa Onsen Snow Festival

Let's Walk around Nikko Gourmet Street

The approach from Nikko Station to Nikko Toshogu Shrine is full of hidden Nikko flavors!

Nikko Gourmet Street

Travel back in Edo Period in Nikko

Edo Wonderland

At Edo Wonderland, you can enjoy exciting experiences such as ninja training, houseboat, craftsman experience, transformation into various people at that time, and theatrical performances unique to the Edo period.
You will surely discover the charms of Edo!

Edo Wonderland Tour

EDO WONDERLAND 【Nikko Edomura】
Admission ticket

  • This is an admission ticket to Nikko Edomura, a theme park in Tochigi Prefecture.
  • Step back in time to 17th century Japan and explore the beauty, culture and interesting characters of the Edo Era.
  • Enjoy delicious food, fun activities and a variety of entertaining performances.

One-Day Pass

  • From 5,500JPY