about ZENSES

ZENSES by The Ryokan Collection

was born in 2016 to corporate between R project Incorporated and HIS Co., Ltd.
THE RYOKAN COLLECTION, founded by R project, is the world's first consortium of luxury ryokan traditional Japanese inns and Japanese small luxury hotels.
At the beginning, THE RYOKAN COLLECTION has started concierge services for its guests. The concierge service, ZENSES, is the sister brand of THE RYOKAN COLLECTION.

ZENSES by The Ryokan Collection
ZENSES by The Ryokan Collection
ZENSES specializes in bespoke tour arrangements

ZENSES specializes in bespoke tour arrangements

ZENSES assists further queries for Special Japanese cultural experiences.
We cover Exclusive tours, Excursions and Exclusive bespoke itinerary for once in a lifetime experience here in Japan.
We keep in mind to always understand our guests' interest, give the best suggestion and pay careful attention to become the most exclusive dmc brand in Japan.

ZENSES specializes in bespoke tour arrangements

ZENSES is a made word ZEN+SENSES.

ZEN means Buddhism, a calm meditation to find out the truth and it influences Japanese traditional cultures such as tea ceremony and Kaiseki cuisine.
We suggest a once-in-a-lifetime-experience at each destination so you may feel genuine something in your journey.

ZENSES is a made word ZEN+SENSES.
ZENSES is a made word ZEN+SENSES.

R project also works as

the Japan secretariat of ILTM

ILTM(International Luxury Travel Market) is the most authoritative and the largest Luxury Travel Market in the world. And HIS is known as a huge travel agency in Japan.
The corabolation has been materialized to connect travel agencies all over the world to each region in Japan.
We can assist not only individual trips but also further requests such as online tours, MICE/Group trips and PR of a self-governing body in Japan.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



We help our customers to realize their dream trip to Japan; by arranging different kinds of services and planning.
We offer the proposal(s) based on your preferences and interests with effective and efficient route, so feel free to entrust us for designing your journey around Japan. You may customize it afterwards as you like--enjoy a tailor-made itinerary prepared just for you.

In addition to make your once in life-time experience smooth, we are also suggesting basic services.
For instance, we are able to make a reservation at a highly popular restaurant that is usually hard to get any seat, as well as for limited museum tickets which require an advance reservation. We always try to book exactly on the release date in order to get those services. Lastly, we can also issue first class tickets for bullet trains according to request.