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"Life is only once, so I want to witness things that can only be encountered here."
If that is your purpose, ZENSES by The Ryokan Collection presents the most prominent experiences to you. We believe that every meeting and encounter is something to be treasured, so be prepared for some new memories that will last a lifetime and impossible to forget.
We always promise the best for your precious trip, something that will stimulate your intellectual curiosity.

Feel Japan to your heart's content


Founded by R project, the world's first union of luxury traditional Japanese inns and small luxury hotels.

"Omotenashi" - A Heartfelt Hospitality

  • High quality passionate guide

    High-quality guide

    Our guides are experienced in leading the VIPs of the world, making them passionate and extremely flexible. The escort service served by our guide or English-speaking driver starts from the airport's arrival hall/railway platform of a train station. We are also able to provide French, and other language speaking guide too.

  • Arranging the luxuary hotel brands

    Luxury hotel arrangements

    ZENSES will help you in designing your extraordinary stay in many different luxurious hotel brands.
    Have a relaxing moment that can be only encountered here in Japan.

  • Private transportation

    Private transportation

    In order to support your comfort in each and every mobility of your trip, ZENSES offers private hire cars arrangement.
    Furthermore, for your own convenience, we promise to provide you with a luxurious, spacious vehicle.

  • Ticket

    Ticket reservations

    We accept booking requests for bullet train (Green and Gran Class), and we can also guarantee the seats where you can see the pleasant view of Mt. Fuji.

  • Luggage transfer

    Luggage transfer service

    Lugagge delivery can also be arranged via ZENSES, so there is no need to carry your luggage to the next destination by your own.
    Enjoy your stress free travel with our services.